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Too Late for Piano Lessons?

Makes me happy, and makes me a little sad too… makes me regret not taking piano lessons as a child and makes me wonder if it’s too late to pick it up now =)  

When Yuh Rock Yuh Waist…

Now, I definitely NOT Trini in any way, shape or form… but this is the only video/audio of the song I could find and it’s been stuck in my head for the last two days. It’s a good throw back with lots of memories attached =) Jamaica Carnival 2012… just wait…


I’m no seasoned movie critic and I’m not typically enough a movie fanatic who would watch something new to rush home and write a detailed review on it. But for the first time, I liked a movie enough to come home and make a small note about it =) Now I don’t want to over do it and … Continue reading