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Random Catch Up.

Christmas came and went… i.e. my fav time of year is over =(  Cousin got hitched = much ado about the business of family get togethers, lunches, party favours and fixings…  Several (and many to follow) impromptu trips to Lincoln Road for the newly opened Serendipity3. Score.  Aaand back to my regularly scheduled programming… work, work and more … Continue reading

GROUNDED – Part Deux.

Take Two on the in-between-the-travelling phases… And Italy is finally over over. The anticipation is long gone, the trip was amazing, the blog posts are complete and the back-home-blues still linger. Yes, I know it’s been three months since I’ve been back, but that’s how long it took me to actually finish all the posts about … Continue reading

This Week… (05/20-05/27)

… I walked through midtown Miami and gave this city some credit. Sometimes I really do forget that it’s actually pretty cool to live here. … (but!) I’ve also realized impulse booking for travel could be a dangerous but exciting thing! I’ve posted entries for half my Italy trip. I’m on to the next half now and … Continue reading

MmmMuscle Memory

I started Taekwon Do when I was 8 years old. Scheduled training was Monday, Wednesday and Friday (though I usually took Friday off) and I was at the gym on the Tuesday, Thursday off days to do weights and cardio with the guys. Many weekends were likely spent in Kingston for extra training sessions at the school on … Continue reading

Friendship is a Funny Thing…

Funny how sometimes you don’t realize how volatile a friendship is until something creeps up and slaps you right in the face. Okay, maybe not so funny… Soothing the hand print from my face, I have been reminded that things can change whether within seconds and with no notice or gradually as situations surface, tension builds and … Continue reading