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Cairo, Egypt | Yalla Habebi ♥ Days 9 & 10

The Last Supp…er…. Lunch & Shopping Time!… Friday, May 8th 2010: Sakkara & Cairo, Egypt We pulled into Cairo, and I was in much better shape than I was when we arrived in Aswan a couple of days ago. I managed to sleep and, typically, the ride back seemed a lot quicker than the ride … Continue reading

Luxor, Egypt | Yalla Habebi ♥ Day 8

The Tomb & Mummy of King Tut… and a staircase that was a hell of a climb… Thursday, May 6th 2010: Luxor (Thebes), Egypt It became harder and harder to wake up each morning. But once I was up and moving, looking forward to the day’s activities, it wasn’t so bad. That day, we were … Continue reading

Aswan, Egypt | Yalla Habebi ♥ Day 5

Feluccas & Nile Cruisin’… Monday, May 3rd 2010: Aswan, Egypt A couple of hours and barely any sleep later, I sat in the cabin watching the blur of greenery go by. We passed fields of palm trees, banana trees, hibiscus bushes, tall grass, grazing livestock and farmers tending to it all. We passed through small towns … Continue reading

Cairo & Giza, Egypt | Yalla Habebi ♥ Day 4

I’ve been inside a Pyramid, on a camel in the desert, rubbed down with scented oils and watched the sunset in Giza.. Sunday, May 2nd 2010: Cairo & Giza, Egypt Nevermind about getting up to a wake-up call. I jerked out of my sleep to the sudden sound of low horns coming through the open window. Disoriented from being woken … Continue reading

Egypt | Yalla Habebi ♥ Days 1-3

From Here to Cairo… Yalla! Thursday, April 29th – Friday, April 30th 2010: New York, New York  And…. I’m back in New York. My overnight stop was not without agenda – dinner with friends, a beer or two with a crowd of salsa dancers, H&M and Roosevelt Field Mall (Godiva for chocolate covered strawberries, Mmmm =p). Then off … Continue reading