A Kiwi Walking the French Way in Rome

First dinner in Rome and we were lucky enough to be seated next to Vicki.

First I must mention that she was an expert at getting rid of the annoying souvenir sellers with a swift hand wave and a firm and unforgiving, “Go Away!” before casually returning to her conversation with us.

Vicki is a New Zealander who had just finished her almost 700 mile pilgrimage walk from the edge of France (the far edge) clean across Spain and into Portugal. I believe it was the Camino Frances. She is one of the best people I’ve met on my trips so far and I took these words with me once dinner was over:

“…die with memories, not with dreams…”

“There are ways and means of managing your life around a bloke…!”

“The last person to cross the finish line is the most recent winner.”

Now , it may not be the first time that you’ve heard these, but coupled with the conversation we had and the amazing dinner, it was a great way to return to a place that I already knew I would enjoy so much.

So much that our interaction with Vicki merited it’s own blog post 🙂

She returned to New Zealand the following morning. I hope she is completely enamoured with her new granddaughter, enjoying her newly renovated house thanks to her ‘bloke’ and is showered with the much-deserved admiration of her family for her accomplishments in walking across three countries.


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