When in Rome a 2nd Time…

May 10th – 13th 2013

I just cannot get enough of this place.

Here are the important notes from this time around:

  • Go to the touristy must-see spots at night. The Spanish Steps, the Trevi, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona are most definitely not as crowded and absolutely lovely to see all lit up at 10pm compared to during the middle of the day.
  • Ristorante Elettra Roma is a charming little place on Via Principe Amadeo not far from the Termini Station where we had our first and last dinners. Emiliano took such good care of us and I’m pretty sure everything that came out of that kitchen was golden. Noteworthy: the Tiramisu, the gnocchi with pesto, the wild boar and the coconut-creme-hazelnut-chocolate-pie-cake whatever it was.
  • The gelato… Fragola, I love you.
  • Mass at the Vatican on Mother’s Day made me feel like a good daughter. Pope Francis led the service for the canonization of Antonio Primaldo and Companions, Laura of Saint Catherine of Siena and María Guadalupe García Zavala, and I’ve realized that I love wooden scented rosaries.
  • Italian guards and the Carabinieri are all hot. No lie.
  • Angelina a Trevi – I spent the best two hours of this trip by myself at this little restaurant down a side street. It was my ‘wow’ moment (Thanks Contiki Jason) because I felt like I was exactly where I wanted to be at that time. The seating host was more than welcoming and the caprese salad I ordered the best I’ve had. I sipped on the Sicilian red the host recommended and left positive comments in the old school note book that the cheque came in.
  • Trastevere is lively, reminds me of walking down Lincoln Road and has more scarves for sale than I have ever seen in my life.

I wanted to give London, Paris and Amsterdam fair chances first before I drew any conclusions, but deep down I already knew where my favourite stop on this trip would be. There is a different feel that Italy has that nowhere else has been able to match so far. The people are beautiful; the language is like music; the food is amazing and the mix of old and new is perfectly balanced.

So I think what I’m trying to say here is do yourself a favour and book a ticket to Rome. Or do me a favour and book me one to go back 😉



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