D-I-Y Photo Albums

Decided to make these as Mother’s Day gifts for my Mom, Grandma and Aunts. It was a little challenging to start, but once I was on a roll it was a breeze.

I won’t lie. It took me at least 3 hours between two trips to Michael’s to find what I needed, and about 80% of that time was just trying to pick and match scrapbook paper with card stock. So if you’re picky or indecisive like I can be, definitely give yourself some time for the task of picking and matching.

I’ll go through this recipe-style, and with step-by-step pictures, to keep it condensed and hopefully easy enough to follow. Bear in mind that your measurements for the poster board, scrapbook paper and card stock can vary from my own depending on what size photos you choose to put in your albums. Mine are measured and cut to fit 4″x 6″ pictures.

You will need:

  • Poster Board
  • Card Stock
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Washi Tape (Careful, this stuff is addictive.)
  • Decorative Brads
  • Ribbon
  • Glue Stick
  • Boning Tool
  • Ruler/T-square (I came across a junior t-square at Michael’s and I found it more useful for the straight lines I needed than using a regular ruler.)
  • Stencil Knife (Make sure an adult is present for this, kiddies.)
  • Double-sided Tape

> Cut your poster board into a 7″x 27″ strip. Measure and mark every 4.5″ along the 27″ side and use the boning tool to score and fold into six accordion-style panels. This is the base for your album.

> For the front and back covers, you will need to measure and cut four pieces of card stock for one album: two pieces that are 12″x 4.5″ and two that are 8.5″x 7″. Optionally, you can also pick a different colour of card stock to place on the front cover as a border around the scrapbook paper. The card stock for the border would need to be one 4″x 6.5″ piece, and the scrap book paper cut into one 3.5″x 6″ piece.

Measure and mark 2.5″ from the top of the 12″x 4.5″ sheet, and then measure another 7″ down from that and, with the boning tool, score and fold the flaps.

Measure and mark 2″ along the 8.5″ side of the 8.5″x 7″ card stock, and then another 4.5″ in from there and again, score and fold the flaps.

> The next step is probably easier to see to figure out than me trying to explain. Place the card stock pieces around each end of the poster board, as shown in the picture below, and fold the flaps into each other to make the front and back covers. It’s a little tricky at first, but just gently coax the pieces into place. It’ll work, I promise. Only do the front cover to start. There’s an extra step involved for the back cover that I’m getting to next.

> So next comes the decorative brads, ribbon and washi tape.

Measure the ribbon to your desired length (long enough to wrap around at least once to close the album) and punch a hole through it and the 8.5″x 7″ card stock that you’ll use for the back cover. Before I open the prongs on the back side I cut another small piece of card stock and glued it down for a little more support around the brad to hold the ribbon. Now you can fold your back cover into place the same as you had for the front cover before.

Then you can do your borders with the washi tape. I went a little crazy on how many kinds of tape I got because I liked so many. They don’t have to match, or they can if you like. Go nuts with it.

>All that’s left now is the put your photos in. I printed mine at Walgreen’s and stuck them in using double sided tape. I put pics on all six panels inside (landscape) and only four of the outside (portrait, minus the front cover and back cover). I know, I have a little bit of OCD with the orientation of the pics. But that’s just me.

I glued the card stock for the border to the front cover and then glued the scrapbook paper to that. But again, how you decorate it is all up to you.

Tie it on up, and voila 🙂



2 thoughts on “D-I-Y Photo Albums

  1. This card is beautiful and the tutorial has perfect instructions. I love that you were honest about how long it took to make, too. Sometimes I try to make things that seem simple and start second guessing myself when it seems to be taking a lot longer than I seemed in the blog. (I’m really picky about wanting to get the perfect match, too. You totally did!)

  2. Thank you so much 🙂
    I got a little worried that the instructions would be hard to follow, so I’m glad they made sense to you!
    I love your nifty crafts and diy posts too!

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