Vienna: Gettin’ Schnit-Faced on Schnaps

April 13th – April 15th 2012

From the moment we arrived, Vienna felt like a whirlwind of wiener schitznel, spicy schnaps and sparkly crystal goodness.

Naturally, the first thing we did when we pulled into town was our own rendition of The Sound of Music. 50+ people on a bus driving through the streets of Vienna singing (badly) about female deers and drops of golden sun… priceless.

Prater Park: An amusement park to ourselves the first night in. A crazy backwards moving coaster and then a swinging carousel ride (the Luftikus) high over Vienna on a chilly night? Sure. But as I sat there in my swing-like seat way up in the air, I had to pep-talk myself out of having a mini panic-attack. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about those chains holding my chair breaking while I was busy  looking down at my feet and everything below them. I’d still say do it though. Don’t be a wuss.
Then there was the stag party of Austrian men who barely spoke English that ended up translating into hairy butt crack tattoos and signatures on the groom’s tshirt over his bulky sweaty body. Yumminess.
Of course the night ended at a club, Prater Dome, that was supposed to have moving walls at midnight. But midnight came, went and, alas, there was no wall movement. Oh well, there was beer consumption none the less. On we go.

Vienna does have a much classier side than everything we’d done so far, I swear. From the edge of the Museum District, we covered the Hofburg Palace and a ridiculous amount in between heading all the way up Kartnerstraße to St Stephen’s Cathedral at Stephensplatz. Swarovski was a must-stop for many of the girls, and I spent the rest of the afternoon visiting St Stephen’s, having schnitzel for lunch and Sacher torte for dessert. I didn’t go into the Albertina museum, but I did pop into the gift shop and was  completely taken by the mini music boxes.

There wasn’t alot of down time, though. We hurried along to meet for the Schnaps Museum tour and tasting. Almost right after, it was back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and a classical concert. On the menu was more schnitz of course, and the concert made me sorry (more than I already am) for not learning to play an instrument when I was little.

We closed out our Austrian escapade at Loco, the club/bar where I realized that apparently it’s normal to get smacked on the ass when being asked to move out the way. Charming.
There were sad goodbyes in Prague, followed now by more sad goodbyes as we left members of our group in Vienna where their tour ended and we pushed on to Budapest, with a pit stop in Bratislava. Auf Wiedersen, Austria.

“I’ll be back.” *in my best Arnold voice*


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