Italy: Milan ~ Day 8

Milano! Some swanky shopping, panzarottis and more gelato please?!

Saturday, April 30th 2011: Milan

 This morning’s routine lead to Milan. Having a much different feel than where we’d been so far, it was much more metropolitan with it’s busy streets, tall buildings, designer stores and expensive cars everywhere. We did a quick walk through first, heading to a little back street for a good sidewalk panzarotti lunch. Following that, Laura and I went to the duomo, but took the lift this time instead of climbing up the stairs. It was much more complicated to walk around than the full circle at the top of the Florence Duomo, and was literally like being on a rooftop. There were lots of gently sloping concrete shingles and many life-like statues, detailed pillars and carved columns. Back down in the church itself, it was so dimly lit that the light from outside emphasized the colours of the huge stained glass windows. I saw several small groups of people praying at different small altars, but there were mostly tourists just wandering around slowly.

We made our daily gelato stop and walked some more while window shopping. The Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Ferraris on the road almost gave me a feeling of being on South Beach. The store fronts for Gucci, Louis, Versace, Dolce et al were decorated with price tags way out of my range, so I looked but didn’t touch. There really wasn’t much more to do here, so I sat and people watched for a bit.

We met in the evening and chatted over each others purchases and went off to yet another good dinner at a restaurant named Lo Strapuntino. Our overnight stay wasn’t really at a hotel in Milan but more like a time share/ residence with suites instead of rooms, that each had a separate kitchenette and balcony. After a red wine nightcap, we called it a night… and I said a prayer for a good sunny day for our morning cruise on Lake Garda.


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