I’m no seasoned movie critic and I’m not typically enough a movie fanatic who would watch something new to rush home and write a detailed review on it. But for the first time, I liked a movie enough to come home and make a small note about it =)

Now I don’t want to over do it and say it was the greatest movie ever… because it really wasn’t. But it was certainly the first to elicit the kinds of reactions from me that it did. The first good sign was the screaming we could hear coming from the theatre, standing outside in the line. Then, after just the opening credits, my brows were furrowed, eyes open wide and I certainly did utter, ‘A weh di bumbo???’ under my breath and to my own surprise. Thankfully we didn’t get stuck with an obnoxious audience, or perhaps the movie was good enough to hold everyone’s attention leaving little time for anyone to be offensive. The movie was dark, the acting sufficient, the setting appropriate and the sounds & music choices spot on – I found myself wanting to cover my ears at times to block out the erratic strings and if you hit play on the video above you can hear the creepiness of Tiny Tim’s ukelele for yourself. It all worked well enough together for me to know that I’ll likely add it to my movie shelf once it’s out on DVD. But the winning factor for me in addition to all that is it’s the only movie to get a scream (or two, or several) out of me in the theatre.

So here’s what I’m saying in a nutshell:

passable storyline & acting + demonic possession + scary stringy music + good editing = the first scary movie that I might have to go see a second time.

Remember, these are my own opinions so if you see/saw it and don’t like… you’re probably just weird =p


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