Friendship is a Funny Thing…

Funny how sometimes you don’t realize how volatile a friendship is until something creeps up and slaps you right in the face. Okay, maybe not so funny…

Soothing the hand print from my face, I have been reminded that things can change whether within seconds and with no notice or gradually as situations surface, tension builds and then sh*t hits the fan. I would imagine these are the people you should be able to sort out your differences with, with a little more understanding than others. So you hash it out, bicker and then reconcile (slightly more conscious and aware of the personailty that makes up this individual). But what of that one argument where the reconciliation is left in limbo because, in the process, such hurtful things are said/done that… now what? Which leads to my bigger question: where is that fine line between deciding a friendship is worth setting your pride aside to save or deciding not to be treated like sh*t and opting to walk away?

So you ask yourself, is your friendship worth it to you? Is it worth it to them? Does this friendship mean enough to you to initiate and pursue putting these pieces back together despite being right or wrong in the first place?

Or was the hurtful word/action too much to overlook?


2 thoughts on “Friendship is a Funny Thing…

  1. A real friend WILL apologise for making unkind and uncalled for comments. If this is not forthcoming voluntarily then you DON’T have a friend.

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