Mint Tea & Christmas Cake

I highly doubt any year could be quite as bad as 2008 was. It was awful literally from start to finish. But, on a positive note, there was a slow turn around in 2009 and the pace kinda picked up this year.

Yesterday was christmas eve, and I was watching Egypt: Unwrapped on National Geographic, and you wouldn’t believe the feeling I get watching documentaries like that having been there.  Or maybe I’m just a nerd like that – which is quite possible. Thinking back to watching these when I was younger, I never would have imagined that one day I would climb inside a pyramid and dip my toes in the Nile.  Egypt was undoubtedly the highlight of my year, and has (in a very cliché kind of way) opened doors for me. Travel seemed intimidating and somewhat unreachable before and now, not so much. I’m ready for Italy and it’s creeping up, quietly but quickly. And I’m so ready to book something else. It’s an endless string of opportunity to see everything I’ve  never seen before and then some. But, I think regardless of wherever I travel to next, Egypt will always be my proverbial ‘first love’. 

I’ve realized, though, that I’m looking back at alot more than just this year.  I wasn’t always a grown-up y’know. Psh, I was a teenager who just felt like one (but, of course, really wasn’t). And in the midst of things happening right now, I’m re-discovering points and lessons learned back then – whether they had been forgotten or just not fully understood.  And now that we’re adults and the year(s) fly right by, I find I’m sitting again pondering on what resolutions I ought to make for 2011. Although, do resolutions really work? Do they? Or am I the only person who isn’t disciplined enough to actually stick to it/them past January? I find I usually learn from my mistakes and such as I go along instead. But this year might be a little different, and whereas I don’t know that I’m making any solid resolutions, I know that there are things that I’m paying closer attention to. The things that I’m getting a refresher course on from the past and seeing a little more clearly now not as a teenager. I guess you could say I’m focusing on ‘merging’ the Kimmy-then with Kimmy-now… and the result… Hybrid-Kimmy? Who knows what the result will really be, but I know that I’ve drifted away from the things that used to make me, me. And I think I’d just like to resurrect some of my old self and throw it in the mix right now for a ‘better recipe’.

But in the mean time, it’s Christmas and I’ll  stuff my face with good eats, open gifts, soak up some Christmas cheer, share some Holiday love and try to keep my fingers and toes warm!


One thought on “Mint Tea & Christmas Cake

  1. We are all an accumulation of our past. i.e what we eat, do, behave, say, think. That’s what makes each of us so unique. Each year we all make resolutions and probably fail to carry through for the whole year. Failure is NOT renewing our resolutions each year.

    Be what you are always.

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