5 Months then 2 Weeks! And then…?

Perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself when I say I’m ready to pick and plan my next trip after Italy. But I am… ahead of myself, and ready to plan it, that is.

I already know it can’t be another whole two weeks. So it would have to be at most, ten days and somewhere close enough considering that timeframe. So I’ve narrowed it down to choosing from these three choices…

When we had chosen Egypt and when I booked Italy, Alaska had been the option that got pushed back to the just-in-case-this-other-trip-doesn’t-work plan. And, truth be told, it really does deserves more credit than that. A week long, all-you-can-eat, vacation package that includes accomodation and entertainment as you sail along icy seas with incredible sightseeing and wildlife sounds like a definite possibility for me. Throw in my much-desired option of a little whale watching and and we just might have a solid winner.

Going along the lines of cruising, however,  opens the doors to the idea of a 10-day Croatian Island Cruise. The big draw for this one would be the price, which overall would be $800 USD = less than $100 a day! The airfare is probably what will bite you in the behind but hey, if you’re going to travel then you can’t always expect the plane tickets to be dirt cheap or even a good deal (at least not everytime time). A question I would expect to encounter would be, ‘But why Croatia?’ and I guess my answer would be, ‘Well… why not?

But then why not Greece & Turkey if I can find the ideal itinerary that keeps me in Athens for just about a day and the rest of the week on a cruise around the islands, perhaps making stops in Istanbul and Kusadasi. Who wouldn’t love to see the pristine blue water and white coastal buildings, and perhaps sample some Ouzo, cheese or lamb in a little local taverna somewhere. =)

Then there’s Spain, France, Scotland & Ireland… but those will have to wait until I have more time and spare change to spare. And once I’ve properly conquered Europe, bring on China, Sydney and the Galapagos! lol =D


2 thoughts on “5 Months then 2 Weeks! And then…?

  1. Croatia is beautiful! Just make sure you choose an American cruise line. I sailed MSC (Italian) and would NEVER recommend it! Alaska will probably be my next cruise too!!

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