Butterbeer & Glowing Pumpkins

Went to Orlando this past weekend. Does that count as travelling?

Friday: First stop – the Hulk @ Islands of Adventure since the wait time was only 10 mins. Then, on to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which, I must say, was more impressive than I was expecting. If you haven’t gone… Go. You should go. No really. The detail in everything was fantastic, the butterbeer quite tasty and the main attraction the best ride I’ve been on in a while. There was no need for us to do anything else in the park for the rest of the day.

Friday Night: The 9-5 Harry Potter day was followed up with Halloween Horror Nights. We went in with a plan and a good stride and I screamed like a little girl =) Some good screams too – the kind of screams that had me steppin on the spot and shaking my head with my eyes shut tight. I don’t think I really saw the face of anyone/anything that jumped out at me because my eyes were closed once I started screaming. It was great. I love that good startling kind of scare that makes me jump out of my skin, and then I can have a good laugh about it after.


Saturday: Throw in an easy day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and wrap it all up with dinner at the Ale House for the UFC fights and you have a pretty good weekend (minus the drive back to reality on Sunday. Boo… =( )

I l♥ve theme parking =)


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