Andiamo a Italia!

Not so ‘grounded’ anymore… T-minus 194 days and counting 🙂

I took this picture of a picture at the Miami Art Basel in December 2008. However, by the time I get back from my next trip, I will very likely have a picture that I’ll have taken live and in person.

I didn’t think I’d be blogging about this so soon, but here I am, with my name officially on a ticket back to Europe. My Departure Date: April 24th 2011 for two whole weeks of all things Italian. The tour will start in Rome → Sorrento → Capri →Florence → La Spezia → Milan → Venice and end in Rome. This was an easy pick because in addition to the obvious Rome, Florence and Venice, I knew I wanted something that would also take me to Pompeii to see the ruins from Mt Vesuvius as well as make a stop in the fashion capital of Milan. What wasn’t so easy was finding good airfare, and though I was supposedly finding “good” four-digit prices for the time frame  I wanted to travel, I was still hesitant to book it. Imagine my surprise today when I managed to get hold of a three-digit price for a plane ticket that is not only roundtrip, but a direct! It was like fate.

To be honest, this won’t be my first trip to Italy. I’d been there back in 2003 with the Jamaican Taekwon Do team for the World Games, but hadn’t seen anything but the small tourist town of Rimini. I had an amazing week and met a ton of great people, but I didn’t get to see anything that you would typically expect on a trip here. Not to mention I lost all my pics from that trip, so clearly I need to go back if even just to take more pictures, right? 🙂

Goes without saying… I am SO excited!


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